Attention Women, moms, family meal planners, and busy individuals everywhere:

Are you sick of throwing money away
every month on food that goes bad?


It’s a fact: The average American family throws out almost $600 worth of meat, produce and grains that have gone bad each year! Now that’s a sure way to jeopardize both you health and pocketbook every month due to lack of proper meal planning.

From the Desk of Wendy Battles, Optimal Health Coach and Meal Planning Afficionado:

Wendy Battles

How lack of planning comprised my own health and well being


I have to admit, I used to be one of those meal planning statistics.

It used to be that I wasted time and money every week because I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to eat, how I was going to prepare it and how much I even needed. I would go to the store and randomly walk the aisles, buying things that looked good but without regard to health benefits, preparation time and amount.

I would end up eating poorly balanced meals that were often full of too much fat and calories and not enough fruits and vegetables. Sometimes the meals I made were too elaborate and I’d end up spending the entire night in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. And sometimes I never even cooked. That’s right, I’d get so busy that I’d never get around to cooking the food I’d bought.

So when I was short on time, I resorted to eating out which usually meant getting something fast and less than healthy. Or getting takeout packed with empty calories. All the while, I was spending far too much money with little to no health benefits to show for it.

And that’s not even including the money I wasted on food that went bad. Rotting lettuce and other veggies, fruit that was over ripe and the many containers of food growing fuzz in the back of the refrigerator — it was all money down the drain.

Week after week, and month after month, my lack of planning compromised my health and my pocketbook. And it was reflected in some chronic health problems that I developed. I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and daunted by the task of meal planning and I was simply fed up with spending so much money.

How I started to turn things around


It wasn’t until I began to get some help for my health problems that I started to improve my diet. And it wasn’t until I improved my diet that I started to get serious about healthy shopping and meal preparation. Out went too much dining out and take out, in came healthy meal prep.

But you know what? I was still wasting plenty of food. Sure, I knew what to buy and even had some inkling of how to prepare it, yet I still had problems estimating what amount to buy. And because I was so busy, I didn’t plan in the context of reality. I planned what I thought I could make but didn’t always consider the time factor. So I still had too much food going bad.

Fast forward several years to my current career as a health coach. Although I had mastered healthy eating I still used to struggle with the planning aspects. That is, until I created a simple, meal planning system that’s transformed how I shop, prep and eat healthy foods. Gone are the days of wasted food, eating out because there’s nothing healthy around, and long hours in the kitchen.

The reality is that it took lots of trial and error and the forming of new habits to make meal planning stick, but it was worth it!

In fact, I’ve discovered a way to create healthy and delicious meals in a short time that’s freed me from long hours in the kitchen so I can do the things I truly enjoy.

And because I have a plan that’s flexible, realistic and easy to follow, I’m no longer wasting food or money. What a concept! Instead, my family and I enjoy healthy and delicious meals that are cost effective, bursting with nutrients and easy to prepare. And we’re doing it for the long haul – a healthy lifestyle choice.

Personal Success Story: Erica

“I was fortunate to be part of Wendy’s recent Money Saving Meal Planning class. Prior to taking the class, I wasted a lot of food and I wasn’t doing my body or my family’s body any good by not planning properly. In addition, I often went to the store unprepared without a list or game plan and made poor choices.

After taking the meal planning class, I was able to focus in on how much I was spending, and even more importantly, how much food I was wasting.  Now I’m able to prepare and plan ahead so I’m not making last minute purchases. And I was able to pay attention to old, outdated items in my cupboard and get rid of them.  In essence, I was able to make room for the new by getting rid of the old.

I recommend this class highly -- you will notice significant changes in your health and your life, and that of your family!”

- Erica, North Haven, CT


Healthy Meal

If I can do it, you can too!


How did I go from meal planning maniac to meal planning afficionado?

Simply put, I developed a workable system, got into a weekly routine and have maintained it over time.

Let’s be honest, half the battle in planning healthy meals is consistency. Like anything, it only works if you stick to it. But to stick to it, it has to be relatively easy! I’ve developed a simple system with easy-to-use forms that doesn’t require an advanced degree.

In fact, it’s so simple, that once you can get used to it, planning is a snap. You may even come to look forward to it. Just imagine the satisfaction when you know you’re feeding your family healthy food, within your budget that helps you balance the other parts of your life and have more fun.

Would you like to learn a simple, sustainable system for weekly meal planning that gets meals on your table with minimal effort but maximum benefit? Would you like to learn how to save money and stop wasting so much food?

If you said yes, then you are ready for the "Money Saving Meal Planning: Quick, Healthy and Delicious Meals on a Budget" home study course.

During the course you will learn how to:

Imagine how great you will feel when you’re no longer pouring money down the drain on food gone bad and scrambling around trying to create a healthy meal at the last minute!

And imagine feeling calm and confident in knowing that you’re feeding you and your family healthy foods that still fit into your budget.

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You’ll learn my meal planning secrets to success


I’m so excited to share with you how I’ve gone from meal planning maniac to meal planning aficionado and how I never stress over planning healthy meals anymore. I’ve gotten so adept at planning meals that I can do it in several easy steps that save me tons of time, and you can do the same!

You’ll learn how to save valuable time and money by:

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Personal Success Story: Karen Batchelor

“Before I took Wendy’s Money Saving Meal Planning course, I thought I had a pretty healthy diet.  But what I realized in the very first session is that eating healthy foods here and there just wasn’t a sustainable game plan.  And I can’t tell you how much food I wasted because I didn’t get around to cooking it.  In these uncertain times, that’s not something I can afford to do anymore.

Throughout the course I developed a better understanding of the foods that are best for me, especially at midlife.  Then I learned how to plan a week of meals from breakfast to dinner—before I hit the aisles of my favorite grocery store.  I went from impulsive to strategic in my shopping which has already saved me money. 

These days, eating healthy balanced meals on a balanced budget means less stress (and a few less pounds) in my life!   Thanks Wendy for all the helpful tips and resources!”

- Karen Batchelor, Detroit, MI


Check out all the exciting details!


In this home study course, you’ll receive:
  • Specific strategies and techniques that you can start utilizing immediately to identify and change your meal planning mindset and overcome obstacles
  • CD Audio of 4 recorded calls by Wendy Battles, Optimal Health Coach and Certified Holistic Health Counselor
  • Learning guides for each session
  • Simple tips and "homework" to get you into action each week
  • Information and inspiration to build you meal planning muscle and get you into action
  • Strategies to help you maintain consistent meal planning beyond the program
  • Ideas from Wendy's guests to help you stay on track
  • Bonus: Don’t Worry Get Healthy Leafy Greens and Whole Grains Resource Guide
  • Bonus: 25 Simple Steps to Shop and Save – easy tips to save lots of money!
  • 2 Bonus recordings to help you stay healthy and feel your best


Here’s the scoop:

In this home study course, I will teach you exactly how to follow my simple system to save money, plan healthier meals and spend less time in the kitchen and store. It’s a quick, simple, and sustainable system that you’ll use each and every week to transform your planning and eating.

Say goodbye to wasted food, time and money, and hello to healthier eating and for you and your family!


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Check out the "Money Saving Meal Planning: Quick, Healthy and Delicious Meals on a Budget" Details!


Audio 1:The Meal Planning Mindset: Shifting Your Perspective

One of the challenges to consistently creating healthy meals is the notion that it has to be hard, cumbersome and/or time consuming. Truth be told, how we feel about the whole process of meal planning can get in the way of us actually doing it — we can get immobilized, make up our mind that it doesn’t work for us, and that we either can’t or don’t want to do it. This session helps you to uncover what gets in the way of consistent meal planning as you try on the notion that meal planning doesn’t have to be that hard.

You will learn:

  • What is a meal planning mindset?
  • The cost of not meal planning consistently
  • Common obstacles to meal planning success
  • How to shift your perspective and attitude about meal planning
  • The benefits of consistently planning meals

Audio 2: Clean and Purge: A Kitchen Facelift

Part of the journey of effective meal planning is being willing to look at what you’re currently doing in an honest way. What’s really in your refrigerator and pantry? How much of what’s in there has gone bad or is on its way (old grains or flour that has bugs, rotting salad greens, moldy rice, etc.)? And how much has all that food gone bad cost you? Before you can jump into planning, you have to learn to clean and purge to create a clean slate.

You will learn:

  • Why cleaning and purging is so important
  • What lack of organization is costing you financially every week and month
  • A simple process to clean and purge
  • A set of tools to help you get started and stay on track

Audio 3: Get Ready to Plan: Shopping Lists, Pantry Basics and Foods You Love

As we lay the foundation for meal planning success, the key is in the details.

It’s hard to prepare simple, inexpensive and delicious meals without having some staples on hand. When you have healthy items on hand, you can pull together a quick meal without being tempted to go out to dinner or order take out. This session focuses on specific tools that will be utilized to prepare you for the planning process in week four when we’ll put all the different pieces together.

You will learn:

  • The importance of preparation
  • Identifying foods that you and your family love
  • Pantry essentials: what every kitchen needs
  • Healthy shopping lists — what to buy at the store
  • How to create your own meal planning resource guide

Audio 4: Create Your Weekly Meal Plan

You’ve laid the groundwork for planning inexpensive and healthy meals for you and your family the past three weeks by changing your thinking about meal planning, purging the foods that aren’t fresh and don’t serve you, and beginning to stock up on quick, easy and healthy items you can easily integrate into your weekly planning.

So now it’s time to put it all together. This session is about the logistics of planning weekly meals and how you’ll establish a regular routine that’s fun, easy and something you’ll do consistently.

You will learn:

  • How to begin with the end in mind: what can you realistically prepare in a given week?
  • How to create a simple weekly plan that makes sense
  • How to include eating out and healthy prepared food in your plan
  • How to establish a simple planning and shopping routine

Sound great? Then what are you waiting for? Get the Money Saving Meal Planning Home Study Course that will transform how you view meal planning, help you save money and increase your health!


Personal Success Story: Julianne

When working with Wendy, I learned about nutrition in a personalized way - one in which I could reflect what foods are most agreeable to my body and temperament. I also learned how to sustain a healthy lifestyle through a series of small behavioral adjustments like a Sunday morning of menu planning, learning to distinguish hunger from thirst, a visit to the greens aisle during my supermarket trip (long live Kale and Swiss Chard!!), or taking a moment to soak some delicious beans before rushing off to work in the morning.

I highly recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to make sustainable changes in their lifestyle!”

Julianne, Bethlehem, PA


Click here to listen to a recent informational call on
Money-Saving Meal Planning.

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Can meal planning work for you?


Of course it can! It’s just a matter of shifting your mindset about planning, learning simple tools and strategies and committing to doing them consistently.

Join us for this program that will transform how you think about planning meals and staying healthy!

And when you enroll in Money Saving Meal Planning, you’ll also get these extra benefits:

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And the program not only pays for itself, but consistently planning will improve your health too! You’ll not only save money but feel a whole lot healthier.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today!

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Just $197 to learn a simple and powerful meal planning system that supports a lifetime of healthy eating.

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Personal Success Story: Beth Purcell

"Before working with Wendy, I was in a cooking rut, eating the same things, not planning in advance, and not eating as healthy as I should have. I often opted for frozen and/or prepackaged foods for their convenience, however, the nutritional value was low. I didn’t do any exercise. I also didn’t pay attention to the stress in my life and how that was affecting my eating habits and outlook.

By working with Wendy, I went from being in an eating and cooking rut, to planning ahead, and eating more leafy, green vegetables and whole grains. I have tried several quick and delicious recipes and find that having the ingredients on hand makes nightly dinner selections much easier and much faster. As I recognize what I’m eating I’m able to control sleepiness, stress, and mood swings. I have also recognized how related my poor eating habits were to my outlook and stress levels. I started exercising in the morning and have increased not only my energy levels, but also have made improvements to my body and increased my strength."

- Beth, East Haven, CT


Bonuses, bonuses and more bonuses!


Not only will you get 4 weekly classes delivered by phone (or computer) and a plethora of information and strategies that you can start utilizing right away, but you’ll also get the following:

Bonus #1: Don't Worry, Get Healthy Greens and Grains Resource Guide (instant download). You’ll learn the basics and more of healthy eating in this guide that gives you the low down on why dark leafy greens and whole grains are key components in any healthy diet that helps you prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a host of other chronic problems. And you'll learn the best methods to cook and enjoygreens and grains including a host of recipes ($47 value).

Greens and Grains Resource Guide

Bonus #2: 25 Simple Steps to Shop and Save (instant download). This indispensable guide will give you simple strategies to shop and save when grocery shopping. ($27 value).

Bonus #3: Eat Your Way to Optimal Heart Health

There’s so much conflicting information in the media today, that sometimes it’s hard to know what we should and shouldn’t be eating, especially as it relates to our heart health. And without question, what we eat influences how we feel and how healthy we are.

In “Eat Your Way to Optimal Heart Health: The Top 5 Heart Healthy Foods!” you'll learn the lowdown on what foods are most important to support your heart health and an overall heart healthy lifestyle. You’ll learn:

- The most nutritious foods you can eat to support your heart and why
- What foods not to eat
- The impact of unhealthy foods on your heart

You won’t want to miss this audio that’s full of information to help you take your health to heart and help you get into action

Bonus #4: How to Eat for Optimal Energy & Effectiveness

Would you like to maximize your effectiveness and focus as a mother by enhancing what you eat? Would you benefit from having lasting and abundant energy to fuel your busy days? In this audio you’ll learn how to increase your energy and vitality and reduce stress through the selections of healthy, delicious and easy-to-prepare foods that will fuel you throughout the day.

So you’re getting all of the amazing features outlined already plus these terrific bonuses valued at over $300!

Money back guarantee


You have nothing to risk with my 100% Money-back guarantee.

I’m so sure my meal planning system will help you transform your ability to plan and create healthy meals that I offer my personal guarantee.

If after attending the first session you find the information is not for you, I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. And you get to keep all the electronic bonuses

You can't lose!

Only $397 $297 $197 for this incredible home study course! We decided to lower the fee to an unbelievable price of only $197 just for pre-launch participants. Where else can you get information, motivation and inspiration, and a whole community of people ready to support you in learning how to consistently create healthy meals?


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Wendy Battles

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